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Individual counseling is a one-on-one discussion between the counselor and the client.  The two form an alliance, build a rapport, which enables trust, and allows the two to work together to resolve issues. Therapy can produce results in just a few sessions or may progress for months or even years, depending on your progress and needs.


We provide pre-marital and marriage counseling. Couples seek counseling for various reasons like, power struggles, communication issues, sexual dissatisfaction, or infidelity. Couples counseling provides an opportunity to enhance relationships and resolve conflicts. Through open communication and understanding, individuals  gain insight into each other's perspectives and motivations.   Counseling can help you and your partner move forward together and make meaningful improvements to your relationship and also supports couples considering separation. 

Family with Tablet

Family counseling provides an opportunity for all family members to come together and work towards a harmonious and healthier dynamic. These sessions strengthen relationships, enhance communication, resolve  conflicts, and foster understanding among family members. By addressing challenges collectively, family counseling promotes a sense of unity, empathy, support within the family unit, and promote a nurturing environment for personal and collective growth.

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Counseling offers a supportive space to delve into the root causes of these feelings, gain a deeper understanding of them, and discover effective strategies for managing anxiety. When anxiety becomes a constant presence, impacting your daily life and leaving you unable to recall the last time you felt at ease, it can take a toll on your mental health.  Counseling equips you with the tools to navigate challenging situations and find ways to cope with anxiety.

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